Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)

Helping partners unlock new business opportunities

We’re transitioning our commerce experience to accelerate partner growth

The introduction of the CSP offers significant value to our reseller base, not only as it increases their access to Microsoft cloud services, but also because it enables them to integrate these services with other cloud services, unlocking additional revenue streams such as configuration, migration and SLAs, all offered on a single invoice.

The programme allows for businesses to pay a monthly fee for their cloud licences instead of the traditional annual fee should

Microsoft New Commerce (NCE) Announcement

When Microsoft launched the new commerce experience (NCE) in the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program, the goal was to give customers greater choice and flexibility in how and where they purchase, while giving our partners more opportunities to sell to a growing base of existing and new customers. Partners play a critical role in helping guide customers through their digital transformation, regardless of where they are in their journey or how they decide to transact. With the new commerce platform, partners can drive growth by:

  • Expanding their business with continuous selling.
  • Developing enduring business through value-added services.
  • Reducing costs while accelerating their customers’ success.

What is the new commerce experience?

What are the benefits of the new commerce experience?

What are the changes that have been made?