The Heart of Asset Management

Before your business can expect to start managing return on investment in terms of assets – be they physical, IT, or software – it needs an accurate asset baseline to work from.

Without this, you cannot be sure you’re managing all your assets. When asset-based decisions are driven by data that is inaccurate, outdated, or incomplete, there could be numerous unwanted implications for your business.

It is also critical that asset data be verified – and available in real time – otherwise, this could impact on the validity of reporting and decision making.

NetTrace Asset Management creates a system of checks and balances that ensure your business has the visibility it needs to better control, report on, and optimise the value of your fixed and leased assets. Every single day.

Manage Assets Throughout Their Lifecycle

With the correct management, you can maximise the value of physical assets within your organisation at every stage of the asset lifecycle. Here’s how NetTrace can help you take your asset management beyond work orders, inventory controls, and equipment records to add real, measurable value at each stage of the asset management lifecycle:

NetTrace Enterprise Asset Management

Whether you’re a CFO, CIO, HR Manager or GRC officer, effective management requires benchmarking and measurement against a set standard. NetTrace is committed to helping the business establish this baseline and create value through visibility, because with NetTrace, what you see is the whole truth. Up to date. Accurate. Validated.

NetTrace Enterprise Asset Management (NAM) is a dynamic cloud-based service that works with your existing datasets to help you track and trace physical assets as they move through the asset lifecycle from planning right through to eventual retirement. Building on principals of electronic and automated asset inventory data collection, NAM ensures tracked asset data is tamperproof and duplicate-free and enables the automatic creation of an audit trail in real time.

From provisioning HR assets to securing IT assets, to planning and procurement, dynamic and accurate insights fuel better business on multiple fronts and within key cost centres.

With NetTrace Asset Manager (NAM), you can:

  • Optimise and automate your management process: planning, acquiring, deploying, maintaining, and retiring assets.
  • Make use of a single management system, which accommodates both high-level strategic management as well as granular daily execution.
  • Enable more efficient auditing (via NAMScan App or via our Tracking Agents and Technologies).
  • Ensure structured information is always available to authorised users by continually linking asset data to related business data sets, via a web portal.
  • Use proactive notification of inventory exceptions to drive business efficiencies by prioritising management and decision support.
  • Enable live update services that allow assets to be traced across the globe.