Secure Mobile Platform and Solution

Over two-thirds of smartphone owners use their personal devices for enterprise-related activities. Supporting a wide variety of device types and operating systems can introduce security risks and added costs for businesses.

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) enables businesses to properly secure devices and applications employees use for work. The rise of BYOD, which allowed employees to bring their own devices to work brought with it the need for organisations to look for an approach to manage different endpoints from multiple platforms.

Samsung Knox is a business platform for configuring and managing mobile devices – offering efficient and customized use in various industries. Keep your mobile infrastructure connected, protected, and productive.

Samsung Knox Products

With the correct management, you can maximise the value of physical assets within your organisation at every stage of the asset lifecycle. Here’s how NetTrace can help you take your asset management beyond work orders, inventory controls, and equipment records to add real, measurable value at each stage of the asset management lifecycle: