Windows 10 is on the way and we couldn’t be more excited. Actually we could but that would involve having our new operating system delivered by Bill Gates and Angelina Jolie personally. But there’s a feature that has been spotted in a leaked build of the operating system that has the potential for almost as much excitement – the ability to get patches and updates on a single machine and distribute them to your home or office network.

That’s the theory, anyway. Nobody as seen the feature in action but a recent leak suggests that Microsoft is considering it.

At least, they’re considering giving users the option to “Download apps and OS updates from multiple sources to get them more quickly”. Correct us if we’re wrong but that sounds a whole lot like peer-to-peer sharing, which means that you might be able to pull files down from a single machine that has already been patched at your home, or from multiple hosts online. Either way, the result should be speedier and possibly smaller updates.

Microsoft has yet to confirm whether this is actually a thing but it’s been seen in the wild. Whether it’s going to stick around till Windows 10 launches is another story.

Source: The Verge

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