Microsoft’s Windows 10 is getting all the attention, from everyone from the media to consumers to app developers. Don’t think that Microsoft haven’t noticed that last, which is why the company have updated their Windows App Studio software with features designed to make creating Windows 10-specific apps a whole lot easier.

How simple have they made it? Engadget reports that it’s possible to completely create a whole app, albeit a simple one, in about 10 minutes, without coding anything at all. Not too shabby Microsoft.

The company have made Windows 10 store listings easier to create, tweaked the preview view, added a Live Tiles designer and included a bunch of other features besides.

Some of these include:

  • Advanced theme and icon editors
  • Better sideloading support for Windows 10 apps
  • Hero Image Editor
  • Improvements to the UX in apps generated with added visual features
  • Initial Windows 10 IoT support
  • Windows App Studio NuGet packages
  • Source code on GitHub for libraries and sample apps

Source: Microsoft

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