You might remember that Microsoft was working on Project Spartan, a new web browser that will be taking the place of the old Internet Explorer. The company’s come out with an official title for the software (it’ll be known as the Edge browser) and now they’ve released some highly specific info on what’ll be changing when it launches with Windows 10.

Some of the details were released earlier this year and it is, for the most part, a rather technical look at the browser engine that is set to hit computers but Microsoft’s almost make some substantial changes.

ActiveX, DirectX Filters, and VBScript, all of which have been a large part of IE, will all be going the way of the Dodo, a move that should leave us all with a speedier web browser overall.

According to the team working on Edge, “Not supporting these legacy technologies in Microsoft Edge has a number of benefits: better interoperability with other modern browsers, improved performance, security and reliability, and reduced code complexity, just to name a few.” And if the company can pull off a good enough browser, they might see themselves clawing back a big chunk of that browser market share that everybody wants.

Source: Microsoft

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