You had to know that it was coming – Microsoft has a Windows 10 hardware event coming up soon and its arrival is far sooner than you would think – a new invitation sent out to media says that we’ll have all the official details on 6 October.

At 9AM on 6 October, to be exact, but that’s American time so expect it to be in the evening here in SA. Microsoft’s event will be taking place in New York on the day and they’re expected to be showing off a whole lot of Windows 10-capable hardware.

But they’re not saying what hardware that might be. We’re likely going to see the first phones running Windows 10 Mobile, probably from Microsoft’s Lumia lineup, as well as a new Surface tablet. There’s also a chance that we’ll see a new fitness band and possibly some big changes for the Xbox One – in terms of operating system, that is.

Source: Engadget

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