SD card technology has been making some impressive leaps of late, bypassing previous storage limits and giving you access to the kind of space you’d expect from a desktop computer – though you’ll have to pay the price for something that nifty.

But there’s something else that Toshiba has been working on that we hadn’t even considered – adding NFC to an SD card.

You might ask yourself what the point is but Toshiba already has the answer. If you wanted to see what was on an SD card (Toshiba’s TransferJet hardware, in this case) you’d either have to insert it into a device or a PC and actually check manually. Not so time effective when you have a whole bunch of them.

But these new NFC-enabled units will, with the use of an app and an Android phone, let you check the contents of the card while it’s sitting in close proximity to the Android device in question. Quite the little enhancement, yes?

The NFC-capable TransferJet hardware is expected to go on sale in Feb in the States, with other locations to follow later.

Source/Image: Engadget

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