Here in South Africa we’re used to thinking of Toshiba as the company that makes our notebooks, laptops and a selection of other tech. It’s not as well know that the Japanese company has a strong presence in the health-care sector of the market and they’ve got something growing back in Japan. Vegetables, to be precises.

Green veggies, specifically, which are being grown in a special clean facility in Yokosuka.

The vegetables are being grown in conditions that mean that you won’t need to wash them and Toshiba reportedly has a very specific aim in mind for the agricultural project.

According to Engadget, the company hopes to product about 3 million bags of greens a year, to further their ambitions in the health-care market. Clean-grown veggies have a lot of uses when it comes to giving sick people food free from possible contaminants so they seem to be onto something good here.

Toshiba also isn’t the only Japanese company looking into this, Sony also has a similar facility, while Fujitsu is making lettuce designed for people with kidney disorders. Looks like the future isn’t confined to silicon, some actual sand is also going to be a big part of life as well.

Source: Engadget

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