Toshiba’s foray into the world of robotic assistants is progressing nicely. Not that they’re saying a whole lot outside of what can be seen in public but there’s something new happening for the company right now.

Toshiba have just installed a robotic greeter, known as Aiko Chihira, in a Tokyo department store. The store, Mitsukoshi, will be playing host to Aiko and, in turn, Aiko will be directing shoppers around the store.

There are some limitations, as Aiko isn’t capable of responding to queries outside of directions but she does have an understanding of both sign and spoken language, with the possibility of later responding to languages other than Japanese.

She does, however, blink and smile while interacting with users. We’re guessing that Toshiba is looking to more advanced models in future. Looks like we may get that Will Smith movie after all.

Source: Toshiba (Google Translate)

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