Microsoft’s Cortana might prove more popular on desktops than we previously thought. At least, that’s the indication we get from Toshiba’s intention to dedicate a key on their Windows 10 laptops to the company’s digital assistant.

The key, which will appear near the function row on Toshiba’s notebooks, will give users instant access to Cortana and will also be a feature of the company’s notebook range. All of their notebook range, the way the company tells it.

Which isn’t going to be a bad thing. We find that voice control can be a bit sticky, particularly for South Africa accents, so not having to jump though hoops to get Cortana to give us a hand is something we’d definitely welcome.

When will we see it? That hasn’t been determined from Toshiba’s end but it’s going to be after the official July launch of the new operating system from Microsoft.

Source: Digital Trends

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