Okay, maybe ‘manned’ isn’t the correct term to use for Aiko Chihara, a robotic receptionist that Toshiba has at their booth at this year’s CEATEC event in Japan.

The robot is a fairly new addition to the company, as Engadget reports that the company has had the robotic humanoid up and and running for about a month or so.

At the moment Aiko consists of a series of facial actuators, which form expressions, and a series of pre-programmed actions backed by realistic hand and arm movements but the company is apparently looking to create a more advanced model of the android.

How advanced? Well, they’re hoping to teach it sign language and also perhaps add the ability to intelligently respond to humans. Just how far in the future that is is unknown but Toshiba has the backing of several Japanese universities for their work on their new android. It could be that we’ll be seeing these in public more often in future.

Source: Engadget

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