It’s been a little while since we heard from Toshiba and they’ve come back with a doozy – the Satellite Radius 12. Why is that remarkable? Because it’s one of the company’s forays into 4K notebook territory and they’re doing it well.

How well? Well, the 4K 12.5-inch display is just the start, Toshiba showed off their new hardware in Berlin last week and they’re also packing in a Core i7 processor in their top-end model. As well as 8GB of system RAM, 256GB of solid-state storage and a couple of other things.

Sound is courtesy of Harmon Kardon, the Satellite Radius 12 will support USB 3.1 and Intel’s Graphics 5200 takes care of the visuals on this 4K portable. There are also some video recognition features in the works. As for when we’ll see it, the Satellite Radius 12 should be making its appearance on the market before the end of the year.

Source/Image: Engadget

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