It’s hard to keep a secret, especially when you’re the one revealing it – even if it is an accident. Huawei had a little mishap over the weekend, when details of their upcoming gold-plated smartwatch appeared via their Twitter account. The problem was quickly fixed but not before someone spotted it and made notes.

That’s how we know that Huawei has an $800 smartwatch on the way, an Android Wear device that might just be compatible with iOS as well. There are other models in the works, costing $350, $450 and $600 respectively but there’s no official confirmation for the various models, prices and features yet. Just a couple of mistakes that have since gone missing.

The official reveal date is supposed to be 2 September, so we’re keeping our eyes open for tomorrow – it should be fun getting all the real details from Huawei – they should be ready by then.

Source: Engadget

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