You have to hand it to Samsung – when they go after their competitor’s customers they don’t stuff around. Least of all with their Ultimate Test Drive initiative, an idea that is limited to the United States for the moment but which takes aim at iPhone users in a big way.

It’s quite a simple concept too. iPhone users who qualify are given the use of one of Samsung’s new smartphones – the Galaxy Note 5 or the Galaxy S6 Edge+ – for a month and all that users have to pay for that month is $1 or a little under R20. If they don’t like it after the 30-day period is up then they can return if. If they like it, however… then Samsung will offer them a deal to get them away from Apple’s handsets.

This is, very sadly, limited to the American market for the moment but it’s a bloody good idea. Samsung does run the risk of losing a few phones but if they can manage to gain a few new customers for life, they probably won’t be too upset about the losses.

Source: Samsung

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