You’d think that Samsung, and every other TV maker out there, are working on eventually just selling all of us a screen the thickness of a sheet of cardboard that can be mounted on the wall. That’s certainly futuristic, right?

But there’s still a place for the more stylish and designed of TV sets, even if we haven’t seen a prominent one in ages. That’s about to change. This is the Samsung Serif TV, which has been designed to look almost like a picture or mirror frame from the front or a stylised ‘I’ from the side.

The design comes by way of company Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec and it’s a lot more stylish take than just the latest in technology. Samsung does that well enough and now they’re also proving that they’ve got design chops as well. But like everything else that has been well-designed, this 40-inch TV – which launches in Europe in November – will set buyers back around R25,000 when it lands. There are smaller models coming as well, a 30-inch and 24-inch model are on the way.

Source: Samsung

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