We’ve been expecting Microsoft to introduce a new smartphone or two for some time now, with a high-powered first-party device being the most likely contender for what will catch everyone’s attention. And that seems to be what we’ve got, as images of a new Microsoft Lumia prototype phone have leaked online.

The images (above) show one of Microsoft’s Lumia 950 XL (also known as Cityman) handsets and they are apparently the real deal. Which means we have an early look at what Redmond has in store from the mobile side for everyone.

There’s no real indication what the specs of the phone are, and Microsoft have gone to some lengths to disguise the handset, but it looks to be toting a 5.2-inch qHD screen at the very least.

The 20MP camera is also in evidence as well as a USB C port, so we can probably assume that there are some similarly high-end internals waiting in there for us.

Source: Windows Central

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