Lenovo almost certainly has a wearable device on the way. At least, that’s the idea we’re getting from a leak on their own website where the Smartband SW-B100 made a brief appearance. It was there for a while but the link appears to be dead for the moment so Lenovo are not really ready to share what they have coming.

You can see the Smartband pictured above but there’s not a whole lot of official info on what’s inside it. We’ve got some idea which devices the SW-B100 will work with though, it should play nice with Windows Phone 8, Android 4.3 and iOS 7.1 or better devices.

It’ll display notifications as well, so SMS and emails will appear on the wristband but it’ll perform as a fitness tracker as well – which it very closely resembles anyway.

It’ll track your calorie count, steps and heart rate but there’s one stand-out feature that’s apparently on the way: it may allow you to unlock a Lenovo computer simply by being in the near vicinity.

Source: via Engadget

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