We’ve always known that Acer makes some good kit but they’ve outdone themselves this time – at least in the tablet line. The company has unveiled their take on a gaming tablet, called the Predator 8, and the name fits its looks quite nicely.

When we call it a gaming tablet, we’re not kidding. It’s the first mobile device we’ve seen with Intel’s 14nm Atom x7 processors inside. Aside from Cherry Trail innards, Intel’s also taking care of the GPU with a Gen8 chip sorting out your gaming on the go.

Acer’s also slapped in their Quad-Audio system, so you’re looking at a complete mini-gaming machine. It’s not going to run Crysis (we think) but those high-end mobile games you’ve always hated for stuttering while you’re playing? Kiss that goodbye.

Source\Image: Engadget

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