The first thing that is noticeable about the Portégé X30 right out the box is just how light it is, at just over 1 kg. This, to the extent that when first unboxed, I thought it may be missing its battery (it wasn’t), with the razor-thin (15.9 mm) 14” notebook even making my iPad Air feel heavy in comparison. For the business user, at whom this notebook is aimed, this is notably advantageous, particularly for those who find themselves on a plane or on-the-go frequently.

At the same time, this easily transportable package has not been achieved at the expense of build quality or power. Regarding the former, the Portégé X30 is a solidly built machine, with no discernible creak or flex on either the base or screen respectively. Its base has an anodised aluminium feel to it, while rather noticeable metal hinges seem to have been paid particular attention to here, holding it firmly in place at all times to the screen’s benefit.

More power to you

As far as processing power is concerned, the notebook on review was certainly not the victim of neglect. It sported a Core i7 processor (7500U) clocked at 2.7 GHz, along with a healthy 16 GB of RAM and 225 GB SSD. This combination ensured very quick performance across the board, for everything from churning out documents, navigating the web, through to watching videos online, with the latter being aided by excellent speakers (more about them later).

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