Brand-Rex – a British developer of cabling solutions for network infrastructure and industrial applications – has entered a partnership with one of Africa’s leading ICT distributors, Mustek.

The partnership with Mustek will enable Brand-Rex to tap into opportunities in South Africa and thereafter the rest of the continent.

South Africa’s telecom market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 2% to $16.1-billion in 2018 compared to $14.4-billion in 2013, according to global communications research firm Pyramid Research. A number of global companies, such as Brand-Rex, are eyeing the market.

Brand-Rex’s regional manager for Africa Tony Redden says the British data networking solutions provider was attracted to partnering with Mustek because of its well-established footprint in the market.

“There was no competition in their portfolio of products with our cabling portfolio, which is fantastic. We are the glue for their other product sets. We can get up and running very quickly through this partnership,” says Redden…

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