It was only a few years ago that powerful laptops were heavy, clunky things that weighed you down on your travels. Thanks to the miniaturisation of electronics, the latest high-end laptops are not only powerful, but also so lightweight you don’t need to pump iron to be strong enough to lug them around on long trips.

Toshiba’s latest ultraportable, the 1kg Portégé X20W-D, is no exception. The X20W-D is a stylish two-in-one (its touchscreen swivels 180 degrees, turning it into a Windows tablet) that’s light enough to take on the road without tipping the scales at the airport check-in.

The machine is a business powerhouse, designed for everyday office tasks — Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and perhaps even a bit of Photoshop — but, not surprisingly in this category, not for high-end gaming. On the downside, the machine, which ships with Windows 10 Pro, has only two USB ports and no SD card reader — not as bad as the new MacBook, but an extra port of two would have been useful.

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