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The tablet is dead. There I said it. I predict that in 2015 we’re going to see a steady decline in the sale of tablets. Our phones are tiny giants in our pockets now (if they even fit). The phablet has replaced our need for tablets and they’re dying.

You’ve got a laptop. You’ve got a phone with a huge display. Why do you need something else? The short answer? You don’t. The long answer is a bit more complicated. Laptops are expensive. They’re an investment and not everyone has a good few thousand rand lying around. HOWEVER, there is another answer and it’s the Mecer Express tablet. For those of us not using Macs, there’s a good chance our desktops at work are running on Windows. We’ve grown up with it. We know it. The Mecer Express tablet runs of Windows 8.1 (meaning you’ll get a free Windows 10 upgrade).

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