Microsoft has recently updated their Skype app for Windows Phone and in between the usual run of updated features, like the changes to sign in processes, the company has also announced a wholly  new feature, one made for smartphones and other touch devices – the ability to draw.

When using Skype on Windows Phone, users will now be able to select the ‘+’ icon and select the ‘Drawing’ option. A quick sketch with your fingertip later and you’ve got a completely personalised message to send to one of your Skype contacts.

It’s a nice enough feature, though one that as-yet is not confirmed for other platforms. Other changes in the recent update include automatic sign-in on Windows Phone devices, provided it is linked to your Microsoft account.

Then there’s a visual update, the ability to display Skype on Windows Phone in HD. Lastly, there have been some speed changes to the app. Nice one, Microsoft.

Source: Microsoft (Skype) via The Verge

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