Labour typically accounts for 80% of the cost of an FTTP deployment, given the highly skilled personnel and specialist equipment required when using traditional methods. In order to help reduce these costs, M2FX invented the technology behind pushable fibre, the Miniflex.

Miniflex cable is made with a rugged plastic polymer that is robust in terms of crush and tensile strength. The patented ‘live hinge’ grooving helps it remain flexible while resisting kinking and bunching during installation. This combination allows Miniflex cable to be pushed into duct or through crowded risers with ease.

The Miniflex range of fibre protection tubing hits the sweet spot for toughness, flexibility and size. The Miniflex Protection Tube is half the diameter of other products on the market – between 3 mm and 4 mm depending on requirements. This results in less congestion in duct and riser, and greater return on investment from cable raceway and containment…


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