Samsung’s smart home tech isn’t to be messed with. They’ve been working on connected home tech for a while and they’ve just announced that their updated SmartThings Hub, a central sensor-fed location for controlling your smart phone, is going to be going on-sale soon.

This isn’t all that important for SA, unless you’re following the progress of the smart home thing in general. And you really should be, because Samsung are on the forefront of a technology that will soon become ubiquitous. That home that talks to you? Yeah, that’s coming.

Anyhow, with the new SmartThings Hub’s arrival – which will be happening from September this year internationally – there will be a whole bunch of new, as-yet unannounced smart products and there will be changes to the control apps as well. We’ll keep on eye on this, because this is where everything is about to happen.

Source: Samsung

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