Samsung have their fingers in a whole lot of pies. And those pies include ones that consist of cameras. Okay, so that was a bad comparison but you get the point.

They’ve been making waves with their NX range of cameras for a while now and one of the better received models, the NX Mini, is getting a sequel. You’re just not supposed to know about it yet.

But Samsung’s NX Mini 2 has leaked, with a set of images as well as some of its capabilities being revealed. The image you can see above but what this little camera is going to be toting is 4K video recording. That’s quite the impressive feature for a tiny camera but it’s being made possible by a 20.5MP sensor as well as a new image processor.

It won’t shoot 4K at a massive frame-rate though. You can expect it to manage video at 24fps, which is more than enough for human viewing. And, if things go well, perhaps we’ll see some of this tech appearing in Samsung’s phones as well.

Source: via SlashGear

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