Samsung is widely expected to reveal their newest flagship smartphone in the next couple of weeks and there’s an extremely interesting report from Samsung website SamMobile concerning the software that will be kicking around the Galaxy S 6.

Traditionally Samsung has used a combination of their own apps as well as Google’s defaults in their smartphones and the result can get a little… chunky… at times. But this time around, Samsung is reportedly going to be going with a set of Microsoft-made apps instead of their own in-house software, a move that is supposed to make the upcoming device extremely fast.

That could mean that Microsoft Office support with be baked in right at the start, though we’re not sure what other software Redmond is supposedly providing for the newest star in the Galaxy.

This has yet to be confirmed, of course, but Samsung and Microsoft recently settled their other (legal) differences. Perhaps this is one of the conditions of peace.

Source: Engadget

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