Again with Samsung and the innovations. Don’t they know when to stop? We’re actually glad that they don’t, because we’ve ended up with some awesome stuff as a result.

The newest thing to hit the world are Samsung’s new batteries, a little something they call Band and Stripe. Band is a very thin (try 0.3mm thick) battery which can be made flexible and thus included in some stranger form factors. Form factors that haven’t been used as yet, because of that whole battery inconvenience that used to be a problem.

Stripe is something else entirely, a strip of battery that has been designed to fit into a smartwatch’s strap, lengthening the time that it can be powered on. And as we all know, battery life has long been the bane of smartwatches…

These two are still prototypes but if Samsung’s showing them off then it means that a commercial product probably isn’t far behind. We can’t wait.

Source: Engadget

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