There’s been a lot of excitement about Samsung’s crack at virtual reality, with the Gear VR being the item everyone has been waiting for. And while South Africa has yet to get their hands on it, overseas hasn’t been faring much better. Until now, that is.

Samsung’s virtual reality headset is finally hitting widespread retail stores, starting in the United States. Interested buyers will be able to snag the Gear VR Innovator Edition from Best Buy stores in the US as from tomorrow, 27 March. This marks the first time that the device is available at a retail outlet… pretty much anywhere.

It has been possible to get the Gear VR from Samsung themselves but the new rollout signals that the rest of the world will soon be able to get their Galaxy Note 4 handsets into some virtual reality action. And since Facebook has just announced a new VR news feed, things are looking mighty interesting indeed.

Source: Engadget

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