Samsung has been expected to drop their very first foray into the world of cellular phone-powered virtual reality before the end of this year and the company has just gone and done it. Provided you live in the United States, we mean.

If you’re Stateside, you can now get your hands on the Gear VR Innovator Edition for the sum of around $200, or just shy of R2,500. This is a pre-released or early adopter version of their Gear VR, which makes use of the company’s Galaxy Note 4 as a screen for the VR headset.

There are still some caveats that come with Samsung’s newly-minted virtual reality kit though. They want users to take a break every so often and there’s a specific agreement users need to enter into when buying the Gear VR at the moment, which explains that the hardware itself is still fairly new and may… misbehave a little.

Still, an America release means that we’re one step closer to seeing it all around the world. Hopefully South Africa is going to be on the release list once broader availability is a thing.

Source: Samsung

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