Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 is already a beast of a phone but the company is outdoing itself once again by rolling out a whole new model of the device. What’s special about it? A little thing called LTE-A Tri-Band CA, a much, much faster LTE chip that promises some impressive download speeds.

According to the company “The LTE-A Tri-Band CA enabled Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will provide the most innovative network experience currently available on the market by selecting optimally available bandwidths. The device receives three different frequency bands and aggregates them into a single connection, supporting Category 6 network service with speeds of up to 300 Mbps. Users can download a 700MB video in about 19 seconds or 10 songs with 40MB in about one second.”

Users will be able to get even faster speeds come 2015, when the company’s device will be getting an upgrade, to make it “…LTE-A Category 9 service ready, with speeds of up to 450 Mbps download expected.” You probably won’t find it here, sadly, as our LTE networks will need a bit of upgrading themselves first.

Source: Samsung

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