Samsung have long had the ambition to be involved in just about every aspect of the technology world and their aims haven’t been tempered by time. They’re making everything, from TVs to phones to processors and storage and it’s the latter that we’re talking about now. Because Samsung’s going to be changing how solid-state storage is being made.

That’s because the company has just announced that they’re putting their 256-Gigabit 3D Vertical NAND flash storage into production. That might sound like German to you but what it means is that the company will be able to ramp up storage capacities while keeping form factors the same.

Samsung’sYoung-Hyun Jun said “With the introduction of our 3rd generation V-NAND flash memory to the global market, we can now provide the best advanced memory solutions, with even higher efficiency based on improved performance, power utilization and manufacturing productivity, thereby accelerating growth of the high-performance and the high-density SSD markets.”

“By making full use of Samsung V-NAND’s excellent features, we will expand our premium-level business in the enterprise and data center market segments, as well as in the consumer market, while continuing to strengthen our strategic SSD focus.”

Translation? Samsung’s solid-state storage is set to get a whole lot bigger, in terms of capacities, and it’s also going to be getting cheaper at the end of the day.

Source: Samsung

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