Google’s annual I/O developer event is frequently a showcase of the tech that we can expect from the search company in the next year and 2014’s event isn’t expected to be any different. The words on everybody’s lips this year are ‘Android Wear’, a range of smartwatches from various companies that are based on Google’s own wearables platform and Samsung, among others that have already had their day in the light, is expected to show off their first Android Wear device at the event later this week.

Unfortunately there are no specifics available for the device as yet, just information that Samsung is readying their debut Android Wear wristwatch at the Google-hosted event. However, given that Samsung has their own line of smartwatches in the Galaxy Gear series, it could look a bit different from what we’ve seen from the South Korean company in the past.

Samsung declined to comment on the Android Wear rumour but if it does show up at Google I/O, we’re expecting something a little more sleek and wrist-watch like than the tech Samsung has released in the past.

Source: CNET

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