When you think of solid state hard drives, the first name that jumps to mind isn’t Samsung, for some reason. But, if recent reviews of the company’s updated series of solid-state storage options are any indication, the South Korean company will soon be the first choice of SSD users in general.

The new series, the 850 Pro lineup, uses Samsung’s V-NAND flash storage, which involves a different way to arrange the cells that make up the drive. And, by most accounts, the change has led to a substantial performance increase for the company.

Engadget has a collection of the reviews of Samsung’s new SSD and the results are basically unanimous in saying that the company’s drives are taking the lead when it comes to what can be done with the current SATA standard. Other high-end SSD players, like Intel and Crucial, are suddenly playing catch-up. That’s impressive in itself.

Hit the source link to see what various tech outlets as saying about the 850 Pro.

Source: Engadget

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