We’re expecting big things from the South Korean company come Mobile World Congress this year but that doesn’t mean that their development has ceased elsewhere. Samsung has just announced that they’ve put their 128GB UFS (which stands for Universal Flash Storage) modules into mass production.

And this is exciting why? Because Samsung plans to bring these high-capacity little flash storage units to smartphones. These UFS units will be given over to the high-end market, so your next Samsung Galaxy flagship could arrive packing a whole lot of storage, while their older eMMC storage will be confined to their low-to-mid range devices for now.

And Samsung’s not going to be hoarding this stuff either. Other customers will have access to the storage units, which will arrive in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB versions, though Samsung has yet to reveal who these customers might be or when we can expect the new tech to hit the market. Still, that 8GB mobile phone storage standard looks like it’s just become obsolete.

Source: Samsung

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