Samsung’s plans for world domination are pretty transparent of late, they’re getting into every market that they can squeeze themselves into. In future we can expect them to be involved in the field of virtual reality, among others, but they’ve just taken a leap into the world of home automation with the acquisition of Smart Things, an Internet-of-Things company that specialises in connected home devices and applications.

According to Smart Things, “…Samsung will enable us to support all of the leading smartphone vendors, devices, and applications; expand our base of developers and enhance the tools and programs that they rely on; and help many more people around the world easily control and monitor their homes using SmartThings.”

There are reports that Samsung has paid some $200 million for the company, which is a decent amount of money for an outfit that started out as a Kickstarter campaign. It remains to be seen how Samsung integrates this connected tech in their devices but, as usual, it look as though the South Korean company’s ambitions are anything but small.

Source: Smart Things via Engadget

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