Samsung Smart TV

Samsung is planning to massively dominate the industry in 2016 with the recent announcement of its new products at the annual Samsung CES press conference which was held on 5 January.

Here’s a look at the newest Samsung products set to dominate the tech market in 2016:

Samsung SUHD TV

Samsung’s latest addition of the Smart TVs- the SUHD TV comes with a higher picture quality and a curved design. It can also let you switch between channels and stream media services without using separate remote controls.

Samsung Gear S2 Smart-watches

The cool thing about the new Samsung Gear S2 smart-watch is that not only does it connect to Samsung smartphones, it is also compatible with iOS devices (this will come later in the year). Made for convenience and easy device control, the watch comes in rose gold and platinum colours.

Family Hub Refrigerator

As an addition to its refrigerators, Samsung is introducing the new “Family Hub Refrigerator” that comes with a touchscreen feature that can mirror what you are watching on TV in the living room and what music you are streaming as well. This refrigerator also connects to other Samsung gadgets and also lets you order groceries directly from its door using a new app from MasterCard. As if that’s not enough, the fridge also takes a picture of your shelves every time you close the door so that the next time you are doing grocery shopping, you know what’s missing in your fridge. Pretty cool right?

Samsung KNOX (Mobile Security Software)

Customised ideally for mobile, Samsung KNOX is a solution for businesses/enterprises whose main concern is mobile security. It also comes with an Express and Premium service offering.

Samsung Pay

Could Samsung be taking on online payments company PayPal? Well, maybe. According to Samsung’s website, this new service is a mobile payment service for Samsung Galaxy devices and makes transactions super easy. However, the bad news is that the service only works in the United States. The app can  be downloaded on Google Play.

Samsung Smart Things

 SmartThings is a home monitoring kit that connects with smart sensors, lights, locks, cameras and more. It also has a motion sensor to monitor movement in one’s home and also can control lights, electronics and small appliances. The cool thing about it is that you can monitor and control your home from anywhere.

This is next level things.

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