Samsung isn’t all gizmos and gadgets, it seems. The company has announced that they’re going to be releasing a series of rechargeable battery packs featuring the images of four different endangered species. The aim is to raise awareness of the animals’ plight as part of their Charge the Life campaign.

There will be two different battery capacities on offer, with lesser panda and the fennec fox appearing on the 8400mAh pack and the giant panda and golden monkey on the 11300mAh pack.

According to Samsung: “The 8,400mAh battery pack is equivalent to more than three times the capacity of the new Samsung Galaxy S6 battery, while the 11,300mAh battery pack is equivalent to more than four times the capacity. It can also charge a flat Galaxy Note 4 battery more than twice, making it the perfect companion when you’re on the go.”

Samsung hasn’t said where they will be releasing the charging packs but we’re really hoping that they make an appearance this side. Because we like animals. And having fully charged mobile devices during load shedding.

Source: Samsung

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