The wearable trend is coming in fast all over the world and Samsung hopes to be on the forefront, at least in some departments. At a recent event, called Voice of the Body, Samsung detailed a new platform for wearable devices that they’re working on with a focus on health monitoring. All health monitoring.

The platform that they have in mind is called SIMBAND and the company hopes to include all manner of sensors into a wearable piece of kit built around the platform. This includes things like heart-rate sensors, which we already have, but Samsung has a more ambitious take in mind that includes measuring of blood-sugar levels or having an ECG fitted to a wristband.

The idea is that a device that has these features will be compact, customisable and easy to use. Samsung has a prototype of a sample device, which has a dual core Cortex A7 chip running the show but they’re now looking to throw app creation in general to developers via an SDK that is due for release soon.

Long story (relatively) short, Samsung has their eye in the long term on taking on the fitness world with wearable devices, taking care of the hardware and giving developers the chance to get in on the apps at the ground floor. We’re expecting some interesting things to come from this.

Source: Engadget

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