Samsung’s domain isn’t confined to smartphones, tablets, TVs and other appliances these days, they’re making inroads in other places – like headphones and cameras. Their next step in global technological domination is the NX500 camera, which was revealed yesterday to an interested world.

The NX500 uses an AMOLED display as a viewfinder (flippable, would you believe) and packs an APS-C sensor, which comes in at 28MP, and an ISO range of 51200. Samsung’s also added in a new DRIMeV imaging processor, which will speed things along compared to previous cams from the company.

Samsung have also made changes to the design of the camera itself, so you’re quite likely to find it closer to more conventional brands in terms of ergonomics.

As for a launch, it’ll hit the States in the middle of March so we can probably expect it to turn up here a couple of months later.

Source: Engadget

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