Samsung has something new in the line of solid-state hard drives coming. The company has announced that they are beginning mass production of an industry first, “…3-bit multi-level-cell (MLC) three-dimensional (3D) Vertical NAND (V-NAND) flash memory.”

According to Samsung senior VP of Memory Sales and Marketing Jaesoo Han, ““With the addition of a whole new line of high density SSDs that is both performance- and value-driven, we believe the 3-bit V-NAND will accelerate the transition of data storage devices from hard disk drives to SSDs. The wider variety of SSDs will increase our product competitiveness as we further expand our rapidly growing SSD business.”

The creation of this V-NAND memory from Samsung has improved their wafer yields, a process that they’ve been improving since they first introduced the tech in August 2013. Samsung says that their 3-bit flash storage will “…considerably expand market adoption of V-NAND memory, to SSDs suitable for general PC users, in addition to efficiently addressing the high-endurance storage needs of most servers today.”

Source: Samsung

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