Samsung, purveyor of all things electronic, have just announced that they are putting a new “…high-performance, low-powered PCIe solid state drive” called the SM951 into mass production. Colour us excited.

Why? Because it’s designed for use in ultra-slim notebooks, a sector of the market that Samsung has their eye on at the moment. And they’re tiny, about one seventh the size of a 2.5-inch SSD while keeping the capacity. The SM951 will be available in sizes up to 512GB. As far as speed goes, Samsung claims that their new drives will “…read and write sequentially at 2,150MB/s and 1,550 MB/s respectively.” That’s about four times the speed of current SSDs.

Jeeho Baek, Senior Vice President of Memory Marketing at Samsung Electronics, said in a statement “We are helping to accelerate growth of the ultra-slim notebook PC market with the introduction of this energy-efficient, high-speed PCIe SSD.”

“We will continue to introduce next-generation high-density SSDs with improved performance and increased differentiation, as we further strengthen our business competitiveness in global SSD market.”

Source: Samsung

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