Samsung has been messing around with their very own operating system for a while now, called Tizen, and while the company hasn’t seen any special commercial success from devices featuring the OS, it seems that they’re not giving it up just yet.

Reports indicate that Samsung might have a new smartphone announcement coming in the next week or so. South Korean news outlets are reporting that the company will be making a Tizen-related reveal a thing on 10 December this year. On the menu is a low-cost device called the Z1. Apparently.

These as-yet unconfirmed reports claim that the Z1 will be a 4-inch, 480 x 800 display with a 1.2GHz dual-core chip and 512MB of RAM running on Samsung’s own software. The device will apparently sport dual SIM slots, 3G and a 3.2MP camera. So… very budget then.

We’ll likely know more by the end of next week. We’ll keep you posted but don’t expect it here if it does launch soon. It’ll likely take some time to get to SA, if at all. It’s planned for India first, it seems.

Source: Digital Trends

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