By now, most people who are technologically inclined are at least aware of the existence of smartwatches and most of these are designed to be used as a companion device to a smartphone. But Samsung may be looking to change that up a bit.

A report from the Wall Street Journal claims (again) that Samsung has a standalone smartwatch up their sleeves, one that is intended for use without a smartphone. By the sound of things, a smartphone connection will be optional but this unconfirmed bit of wearable tech will reportedly have space for its own SIM card, giving it data access as well as the ability to make calls.

Just how this will work isn’t certain but odds are that a Bluetooth headset will figure in it somewhere along the line. Samsung is also supposedly going to be including a camera on the Tizen OS-powered wrist adornment.

There’s an announcement expected some time in June or July but for the moment Samsung’s new smartwatch is unofficial – little more than a rumour. But it’s an attractive one.

Source: Engadget

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