It was reported that Samsung, the global company that originates from South Korea, was looking at buying smartphone company BlackBerry, a rumour which quickly drew a denial from BlackBerry. But that’s not what’s really important, as both companies have opted to say almost nothing on the reports – which claimed that Samsung offered BlackBerry $7.5 billion to join them in making tech.

But it’s the reaction that was really interesting, as BlackBerry has been having problems of a sort in the last few years. Android smartphones have obliterated their hold on the market from a decade or so back, with just a few strongholds remaining for the smartphone maker.

By contrast, Samsung has seen its grip on the market grow steadily over the last few years and it’s that that people were hoping that Samsung could throw behind BlackBerry with a purchase. There are several other compelling reasons why Samsung should buy BlackBerry, like their patent portfolio, the possibility that BlackBerry could assist Samsung in getting their Tizen operating system off the ground and a couple of others. Hit the source link to find a longer analysis.

Source: Engadget

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