At which point does a TV screen become too expensive? Samsung thinks that the bar on that one is quite high, as evidenced by the overseas pricing for their huge 105-inch 4K curved OLED TV screen. There’s no denying that the UN105S9W TV that Samsung showed off at this year’s CES is a very sexy piece of hardware but is it sexy enough to justify the price?

The price, in case you were wondering, is a whopping $120 000, which translates into somewhere in the region of R1.3 million. It’s actually a tad under than but it makes sense to round up a number that large. Samsung is fully confident that they will be getting orders for these crystal clear TVs however but they’re not silly about it.

The company won’t be doing a mass production run of the 4K monsters. Instead, each TV will be created once they’ve been ordered. At that price, overseas at least, buyers will also be getting a Samsung Field Engineer to come and visit them to explain how to use the huge entertainment appliance.

We’re not expecting a local reveal too soon for this one but would be surprised if Samsung didn’t make at least a few sales this side of the world. From those with pockets deep enough, of course.

Source: Samsung

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