Samsung likes to be ahead of Apple, and every other smartphone competitor, as often as they can manage it so it’s not really surprising that they’re going after Apple’s NFC-powered Apple Pay system. Apple Pay hasn’t rolled out anywhere other than the United States so far and Samsung is apparently hoping to beat the fruit company to market everywhere else. That is, according to reports concerning the company’s plans.

Samsung is reported to be in discussion with a company called LoopPay to bring an Apple Pay competitor to its devices, which will allow users to use their Samsung smartphones in order to make payments at NFC-fitted payment points. Imagine just being able to wave your device at a cashier and having your groceries paid for – that’s more or less what the South Korean company has in mind.

The Samsung-LoopPay deal isn’t final however, according to a ReCode report, and the discussions between the two companies might still falter. There is still a chance that nothing will come of this but a LoopPay solution would allow Samsung to step ahead of Apple when it comes to compatible payment points. That means that they’d take the lead as a smartphone payment provider and that’s got to be a motivator for Samsung.

We’ll update you once we know more about what Samsung has in mind.

Source: Engadget

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