Samsung might be looking to get their hands on the company that helped to create Apple’s Siri voice-activated digital assistant. According to a Wall Street Journal report, the South Korean company is in talks with Nuance, the company behind Siri as well as products from the likes of Amazon and Nintendo, with a view of acquiring the company.

Just how far along the talks are and whether they will result in Samsung purchasing Nuance isn’t known but the report claims that the two companies met earlier this year regarding the matter and that they have met since, which could indicate that the discussions are progressing along. However, the WSJ report also points out that Nuance has met with other private firms so a Samsung buyout is far from certain right now.

Nuance already provides technology for various Samsung Mobile products, so it’s likely that they’re looking at bringing the outfit a little closer to home if a deal is on the cards. At present though, all the discussions mean is that a purchase is being considered. We’ll update if there are more developments on this front.

Source: Digital Trends

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