Samsung has issued invitations to American media for a reveal event that is set to take place in New York next month and, based on the amount of money the company is spending on the event alone, it is probably going to be a very large announcement.

The event is due to take place at Madison Square Garden, with a live-stream going out over the internet on Samsung’s YouTube page, on 12 June. The invitation bears the line “Tab into Color”, suggesting (but not saying outright) that Samsung is going to be unwrapping a new set of Galaxy Tab devices.

Speculation, which is thought to be extremely accurate in this case, is that Samsung will be showing off a very high-end series of tablets that will feature 2K displays. These will likely herald the return of AMOLED screens to Samsung’s tablet lineup, at larger-than-HD resolutions.

One of these devices, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S, has apparently already leaked – all but confirming the above. As for what will be taking place, we’ll have our eyes turned to Madison Square Garden on the day. Samsung probably has a surprise or two in store for everyone.

Source: Digital Trends

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